Early in the 1980s I began work on a body of work based on interviews of tornado victims. I was commissioned to build a sculpture for the North Mississippi Medical Center and as part of that project I was to build a time capsule and produce a book on the history of the medical center. Tupelo’s first hospital was destroyed by a tornado in 1936 and the interviews for the book included a series of enthralling tornado stories. People claimed to have been turned around in their pants, chickens lost their feathers, cast-iron wash pots were turned inside out. I recorded stories, photographed improvised tornado shelters, and built sculptures, produced paintings, prints and drawings from the outrageous narratives. 
I continue to expand this body of work and major works from this series are included in the High Museum, Atlanta, the Rose Museum, Boston, the Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C., the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Hechinger Collection and more than fifty private collections.
"Tornado Debris and Lamp" by Ke Francis | 10.5"x12" inches | Color Litho | c.1990
“Tornado Figures 8/50” by Ke Francis | Image size is 5"x5" inches on 7.5"x11.5" inch paper, framed to 10.5"x11.5" inches | Etching and watercolor
"Rain Gauge and Rabbit" (Left) by Ke Francis | 12.5"x6.5" inches | Color Engraving
"Rain Gauge Engraving" (Right) by Ke Francis | 12.5"x6.5" inches | Engraving
"Approaching Storm 7/12" by Ke Francis | 13"x16" inches | Color Linocut
"Injured Figure and Snake Spirit" by Ke Francis | 30"x40" inches | Color Woodcut | c.2001
“Tornado Landscape III” by Ke Francis | Image size is 12"x5.5" inches on 18"x11.5" inch paper | Etching and watercolor
“Tornado News 1/4” by Ke Francis | Image size is 4"x6" inches on 8"x6" inch paper; framed to 13"x13" inches | Etching and watercolor
"Ghost Rabbit Tornado Head and Aura" by Ke Francis | 49"x38" inches | Color Woodcut | c.2007
"Tornado Debris, Saw, and Survivor" by Ke Francis | 50"x40" inches | Color Woodcut | c.1989
"Wishing You the Best" by Ke Francis | 48"x70" inches | Color Woodcut | c.2006
"Yellow Tuning Forks" by Ke Francis | 36"x64" inches | Color Woodcut | c.2002
"Build Again #2" by Ke Francis | Framed to 36"x72" inches | Woodcut | 10/100
"Tornado Series: Cover A.P." by Ke Francis | Framed to 31"x27" inches | Hand colored etching